Registration Guideline/注册指导

Registration Fee/注册费
  Category EARLY BIRD
Before March 20
After March 20
Regular Registration   Authors (Student/Committees) $450/¥3200 $500/¥3500
 Authors (IEEE member) $450/¥3200 $500/¥3500
  Authors (Regular) $500/¥3500 $550/¥3900
  Presenter (Onsite Presentation Only) $350/¥2500 $380/¥2700
For Listener Listener (Onsite) $250/¥1750 $300/¥2100
Listener (Online) $150/¥1050 $200/¥1400
Other Items   Additional Paper $380/¥2700/per one $380/¥2700/per one
  Additional Page $50/¥350/per one $50/¥350/per one
Extra Proceeding(hard copy) $70/¥500/per one $70/¥500/per one
  One Day Tour (optional) $80/¥550 --------



Authors who make their payment before March 10, 2022 will benefit from the Early Bird Registration rate. (如需享受早鸟价,请与2022年3月10日之前完成注册)

Onsite Payment is acceptable for Listeners. (Cash Only) (听众接受现场注册)



Technical Sessions.
15 minutes oral presentation time (Q&A included)
Tutorials Coffee breaks.
Lunch & Dinner on June 25.
Conference bag and/or conference accessories.
Conference document (proceedings on book)
Details listed in registration form


Technical Sessions.
Tutorials Coffee breaks.
Lunch & Dinner on June 25.
Conference bag and/or conference accessories.
Conference document (without proceedings)
Details listed in registration form


  1. If a paper is accepted, at least one author need to register and present the paper, within FIVE  Pages including all figures, tables, and references. Extra pages will be charged. 被接收的文章至少一位作者注册; 超过5页的文章将收取超页费 50美金或是350人民币/页.
  2. Each paid registration covers only one paper; you can pay Additional Paper Fee (380 USD/2700元) for one more paper from the same first author who already has a paid registration.  每一个作者注册费只包含1篇文章。如果是相同第一作者注册的第二篇文章可以享受第二篇文章的注册优惠 2700元/篇.
  3. For authors, one regular registration with one or more additional papers get only one proceeding. 同一个作者的2篇及其以上的注册只包含1本会议论文集. 
  4. Only the first author is student could enjoy student registration fee. 只有第一作者是学生才可以享受学生价.
  5. You can pay the fee by VISA/Master Card (Details Listed in the registration from).
  6. Please send the required documents: ①final paper (.doc&.pdf); ②signed copyright form; ③filled registration form; ④payment proof to to finish the registration.
  7. For IEEE members, please update your profile to include your IEEE membership ID.
  8. For student author, please email the scanned copy of your student identification card to


Cancellation and Refunds

If the participants request cancellation and refund due to personal reasons, the following refund policy applies.
* 60 days ahead of the conference: 70% of payment refund
* 30-60 days ahead of the conference: 50% of payment refund
* Within 30 days ahead of the conference: no refund
Cancellation and refund request must be made formally via email

* The organizing committees reserves the right to change the dates and place of the conference due to force majeure.
* The losses thus incurred from the force majeure events shall not be liabled and refunds policy shall not apply as well.

Property Safety

For your property safety, please take good care of your belongings, and valuables should be depositted to the front desk during the conference. If things lost, the conference organizer shall not be responsible for yours!

Arrange your travel and accommodation

Depending on your nationality, you may be required to apply for a visa in advance to enter China

Accommodation can be booked either through the hotel’s official website or through the many hotel reservation sites such as, Agoda, etc.


Update the presenter information
  • Please state who among the authors will be attending and presenting your paper.
  • Make sure the presenter name is correct as it will be used in the certificate of attendance/presentation.
  • Please indicate if the attendee/presenter requires vegetarian meals